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Due to the Covid-19 pandemic and travel restrictions, we now offer private one-to-one TBLI course online for students who aspire to obtain certified instructor qualifications for mind mapping, speed reading and memory skills.

All the tutors for TBLI course are international master instructors with rich experience. The TBLI course is offered in three different languages: Chinese, English and Japanese.

English-speaking lecturer

Prince Marek Kasperski

Marek was appointed Vice President of the Tony Buzan Company in July 2020. As a close friend of Tony Buzan, Marek had the opportunity to be taught by Tony Buzan and he also spent many hours talking to Tony about Mind Mapping, Synapsia Magazine, and poetry.


Marek teaches all over the world, especially in the Asia Pacific region. He has recently conducted a number of TBLI training courses in China.

In particular, Marek teaches:

  • Mind Mapping (TBLI, Advanced Practitioner, Practitioner, & Foundation)
  • Speed Reading (TBLI, Advanced Practitioner, Practitioner, & Foundation)
  • Memory (TBLI, Advanced Practitioner, Practitioner, & Foundation)
  • Mind Map Mastery for Teachers, a course developed by the book Marek has written.

Chinese-speaking lecturers

Liu Liqiong

Ms. Liu has 15 years of working experience in the world’s top 500 enterprises as sales operator, process consultant and project manager, etc. By adhering to the core concept of Mr. Tony Buzan, the inventor of Mind Mapping, she takes promoting Mind Mapping as a lifelong career.

Over the years, she has continuously studied and explored Buzan’s knowledge system (Mind Mapping, Speed Reading and Memory Skills) and created a unique mind mapping deduction system.

Since 2017, she has actively participated in the events of the World Mind Mapping Championships at all levels, recommending excellent contestants to the World Mind Mapping Championships every year.

A mind map to Mr. Tony Buzan as a birthday gift by Ms. Liu

Ms. Liu at the World Mind Mapping Championships

Ms. Liu and her students

Liu Yan

Ms. Liu is the world champion of 2016 World Mind Mapping Championships, the head coach of 2017 World Mind Mapping Championships China, the head coach of the 10th World Mind Mapping Championships in 2018.

Liu Yan and Tony Buzan

She has her own unique teaching method of mind map for teenagers. At present, she has trained tens of thousands of students from all over China.

She has long been devoted to the teaching and promotion of mind map, and has been invited to offer mind map courses in many well-known companies and institutions, helping them with problems related to time management, project management, innovative thinking, program planning and special cases, etc.

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