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Good News!

Buzan Mind Map® Club are arriving in China!

The official Buzan Mind Map® Club are just like service centers of WMMC distributed all over China, offering expert technology exchange, professional judgments and certification exams. As a Chinese saying goes, “A single spark can start a prairie fire”. The Clubs facilitate the popularization of thinking movement and the development of the application of brain science in the world.

The Buzan Mind Map® Club can be applied by a professional arbitrator who has participated in the WMMC training and obtained qualified results. He/she can operate the Buzan Mind Map® Proficiency after being authorized by WMMC. The Buzan Mind Map® Proficiency, which is jointly certified by Tony Buzan, the inventor of mind mapping and the World Mind Mapping Council (WMMC), is the only evaluation criteria in the world pursuant to the World Mind Mapping Championship. Consisting of three application tests— “free creation”, “speed mapping” and “listening and noting-taking mapping”, this Certification is the most comprehensive, scientific, authoritative and professional one for evaluating the overall application ability of mind mapping.

WMMC Clubs aim to:

  • to popularize mind mapping education, to organize Buzan Mind Map® Proficiency Exams and to prompt the public to be aware of their potential to further explore their own thinking abilities.
  • to provide assessment and test services for mind mapping learners in accordance with the standards formulated by WMMC.
  • to help people realize that thinking is both an art and a science and to help them nurture good and beneficial thinking habits.
  • to set a innovative platform of exchange for a group of like-minded people who have been keen on exploring the brain potentials and on developing the thinking abilities.

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