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MARKING CRITERIA for Literacy in Mind Mapping

Candidate’s name Event
Arbiter  1 Arbiter 2
Descriptors Marks Allocated Notes Final Scores
Central Image 18% Thinking clear expression of theme and central idea 6
Technique The MindMap centre is a captivating and engaging image. 3
Use cortex-skills,whole-brain synergetic thinking 1 for example, using Pictograph
in the centre 1
At least three tones are used in the central theme 2
Use of dimension 2
reasonable size/area 1
Use of synaesthesia 2 vision,hearing,smell,taste,touch and kinaesthesia–blend at least two of these senses to produce enhanced recall
Descriptors Marks Allocated Notes Final Scores
BOI branches18% Thinking Only one word is used per branch. 2
Key words or images are good for memory and recall 1 A key recall word will tend to be a strong noun or verb.
Precise or accurate keywords, good for repeat or retell 1
The logical relationship between the key words of BOI branches is consistent or close. 1 for example,“when,where,who,what” are in the same category of narrative words.
Clear and correct classification of Key Words 2
Key words can be highly generalizations of its radiant child branches content. 2 Key recall words in BOI branches and concepts in its radiant child branches,echoing each other in front and behind
Technique All images or words are placed on branches. 1
Von Restoriffian elements 2 for example,branches, thick root, slim tip/apex; or font size
Use of synaesthesia 1 by using words,images or lines
Branches can be discriminated as unique( color),having creative patterns 2
BOI branches are connected to the central image. 2
Use cortex-skills,whole-brain synergetic thinking 1
Descriptors Marks Allocated Notes Final Scores
Branches 61% Thinking Impactful and memory targeted choice of key words. 10 Understanding the power of key words is fundamental for developing creative thinking and problem solving and forms the basis of the Mind Map.
Correct logical hierarchical classification between the key words 5 Linkages between key recall words and concepts should always be emphasised and, where possible, simple lists and lines of key words should be avoided.
special colour lines for special thinkings 2 for example, 6 thinking caps(black for problem, green for innovation)
Technique All images or words are placed on branches.Only one image or word is used per branch. 5
Use cortex-skills,whole-brain synergetic thinking 1 words can also be picturized
Use of synaesthesia 3
Branches are connected. 3
Branches do not extend past the branch word. 3
Reasonable interval between branches 3
Relationships which are shown by arrows and/or codes. 3 The arrow can be single or multi-headed and can show backwards and forwards directions.
Branches are appropriately curvilinear. 5 organic lines
The MindMap has at least ten(10) images and/or symbols. 5 The more you can visualise the abstract concepts,the higher scores you will get.Symbols are a compact and coded way of using imagination and exaggeration to anchor memory.
Humour,use of visual puns or playfulness. 5 puns or playfulness
Using symbols to mark logical order 1 bring order to your thought by using numbers or letters; symbols can be picturized.
Each branch and its radiant child branches can be discriminated as unique( color) 3
Clever arrangement of cold colours and warm colours 1
MindMap uses von Restoriffian elements, for example highlights and patterns. 3 fonts,lines,images,etc
Descriptors Marks Allocated Notes Final Scores
Whole 43% Thinking MindMap is impactful,having the enlightening thinkings,benefic to human being and the society. 15
simple MindMap but rich connotation, good for memory,association and innovation 10
Technique Elegant and effective use of space 8
Beauty and attractiveness, the WOW factor of MindMap Art. 10
Descriptors Marks Allocated Notes Final Scores
for different discipline 10% Accuracy and completeness of information 10 for discipline 1&2: Listening & Reading
Originality 10 for discipline 3: free style



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