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Reasons to join in the Arbitral Group

  • As a qualified arbiter, you will have an opportunity to participate in the World Mind Mapping Championships, co-founded by Mr. Tony Buzan, the father of mind mapping, and Mr. Raymond Keene, the proud owner of an Order of the British Empire (OBE).

  • As a qualified arbiter, you can have access to work with a number of mind mapping experts and elites from home and abroad.
  • As a qualified arbiter, you are eligible to apply for the operation certificate of an official Mind Mapping Club which is authorized by the World Mind Mapping Council.
  • If also a talented writer, you will be given the chance to join in the editorial board with World Mind mapping Council, compiling and publishing mind mapping level examination guidance textbooks, or translating and editing a series of Mind Mapping monographs by Mr. Buzan.

  • The outstanding one may become a member of the Review Panel in China affiliated to the World Mapping Council, participating in reviewing mind mapping works submitted by official clubs from all over China and also in reviewing works from Mind Mapping Championships.
  • Those, who are capable of pass our special examination, may enter into the Sports Ethics and Discipline Supervisory Committee in China, undertaking the work related to level examination and discipline supervision of Mind Mapping Championships, which includes the supervision of competitors, arbiters and organizers.

The most important is …

When we fall in love with mind mappings and become a qualified arbiter, when we bear witness to the maturity of the competitors and candidates, and when we fully enjoy those high-quality and high-value mind mapping works imbued with creativity, meaning and beauty – How wonderful a thing in life!

Because of mind mappings, we gather together, we feel delighted, we grow up, and we contribute to the vigorous development of the mental motion…

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