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Let the World See your Strength

What is it?
World Mind Mapping Council (WMMC) Buzan Mind Map Proficiency has been co-launched by Mr. Tony Buzan, the inventor of mind mapping, and WMMC. It is a professional level test with the aim to assess the comprehensive abilities to use mind mapping integrally, scientifically and authoritatively.

The Tests is an education evaluation system achieved by a team of international WMMC top experts on mind mapping education worldwide after years of research and practice. In 2018, WMMC authorized its official clubs to be in charge of the organization and conduct of Buzan Mind Map Proficiency.

What will be tested?
World Mind Mapping Council (WMMC) Buzan Mind Map Proficiency makes a comprehensive evaluation of the following three aspects:

  • topic creation – for an investigation into the writing and conception abilities
  • book analysis – for an investigation into the reading comprehension abilities
  • on-site listening and recording – for an investigation into attentive listening abilities

Each one carries a total score of 150 points.

If an applicant has attended the topic creation test and achieved not lower than 90 points, he or she will be awarded Buzan Mind Map Proficiency Level 1; if having attended both the topic creation and book analysis tests and achieved not lower than 90 points respectively, he or she will be awarded Buzan Mind Map Proficiency Level 2; and if all three tests have been taken and achieved not lower than 90 points respectively, he or she will be awarded Buzan Mind Map Proficiency Level 3.

All successful candidates will receive the Literacy in Mind Mapping certification co-signed by Mr. Tony Buzan, and Mr. Raymond Keene, the co-founders of World Mind Mapping Council (WMMC) and World Mind Mapping Championships.

Who can apply?

  • being deeply interested in the mind mapping and being willing to strive for the best
  • being familiar with the marking criteria
  • being familiar with the three tests, having been trained on the related subjects, and being able to accomplish assigned tasks quickly and efficiently on the spot (each test not exceeding 2 hours and the test papers kept secret until the beginning of the tests)


We welcome mind mapping lovers of all ages to take the Tests, whether you are a child, a teenager or a senior, working or retired.

What are the benefits?

  • to guide yourself to form a mind mapping in accordance with internationally authoritative standards of mind mapping certification, with a recognition of your own strengths and weaknesses at each stage and with a clear understanding of your future growth direction.
  • to train your thinking ability, to elevate your learning ability, to test yourself through challenges and to demonstrate your power.
  • to apply the abilities derived from the Tests to every aspect of your daily life. For instance, if you are capable of creating topics (organizing one’s own thoughts) in a calm and deliberate manner, you surely can use mind mapping skills in conceiving and writing compositions, making plans, summarizing ideas, managing time, making decisions, etc; if you could complete the book-analysis task (organizing others’ thoughts – graphic messages and text messages) calmly, you are certainly easy to accomplish reading comprehension, preparation for examinations, material analysis etc. by the use of mind mapping techniques; if you could carry out the task of on-site listening and recording (organizing others’ thoughts – voice messages), you definitely are able to put mind mapping skills to use in classroom listening and recording, conference recording, team brainstorming, etc.
  • to broaden your horizon and to gain your experience, to make friends with a group of like-minded people and to accompany one another striving for a better future.
  • to have a chance of getting a through ticket to the national competition in China if you has already owned a Certification of Level 3.

What should be prepared?

  • to have a keen interest in mind mapping, to be willing to pursue a higher self, to work out training program with qualified coaches and partners, to practice with diligence and to be familiar with the marking criteria.
  • to have a quick and clear mind and a pair of flexible hands, to synchronize your mind with your hands, to mobilize your hand drawing techniques accumulated on a daily basis, and to carry out highly effective training at ordinary times, all of which was for the ultimate purpose of maintaining a calm and deliberate manner during the Tests.
  • to have a complete understanding of things from different perspectives, to broaden the mind mapping’s area of application, to strengthen your cognition by the use of multi-sensory experiences (visual, auditory, tactile and olfactory).
  • to cultivate an attitude of long-term learning. Mostly, one’s enthusiasm can only last for a while, but in fact, learning is the eternal theme of his or her life. At the beginning, you may feel curious and excited, but after some time, even if you just pick up the drawing pen, dullness overwhelms you. The real winner is not the passing of time, but your lack of determination. No knowledge can afford you everything you want once and for all; everyone needs to change unceasingly to find a better self.
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