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Measuring the world with Mind Map, Letting the mind learn from others

The winter in Beijing is extremely chilly, but Renmin University of Beijing is very warm today since more than 200 mind mapping contestants from 10 countries around the world are dueling with each other here. They use the mind map to measure the world, letting their minds learn from others. In the two-day championships, those brave contestants never stop their expeditionary steps.

Scene 1: Listening and recording ingeniously

Scene 2: Reading and analysis, depicting dreams

Scene 3: Free drawing, following one’s heart

Scene 4: Speed reading, the strongest brain

Though two-day intense championship is over, the scene of contestants’ sweating on the field will be engraved in our memory forever. Let’s use the mind map to measure the world together, so that our minds can learn from others. To all of the dear mind map warriors, may your expedition full of sunshine!


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