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Tony Buzan Licensed Instructor (TBLI) Guidelines


International Brand

TBLI (Tony Buzan Licensed Instructor) is designed for training professionals who aspire to obtain certified instructor qualifications for mind mapping, speed reading and memory skills. These certificates are exclusively offered by Tony Buzan International Ltd.

Licensed instructors have the right to run courses in the field of mental literacy in the name of the Buzan Brand.

Certificate Template of TBLI
(customized design of laser holographic anti-counterfeiting mark)
The name of the discipline majored by the instructor will be displayed on the certificate.


Three Classic Disciplines

The TBLI disciplines are in different types. The classic disciplines include mind mapping, speed reading and memory skills.

All the Tony Buzan Licensed Instructors are international senior instructors with rich experience, such as Phil Chambers (two-time champion of World Mind Mapping Championship), Dominic O’Brien (eight-time world champion of World Memory Championship) and other experts in the field of mind mapping and mental literacy.

Students can sign up for one discipline that they are interested in and want to specialize in, or they can sign up for all the three disciplines.



If you are eager to become a senior expert in the field of mental literacy, we strongly recommend that you complete the three disciplines step by step.These three skills complement each other and thus could promote your understanding and application of each skill in a comprehensive manner.

For example, book reading is included in the application of mind mapping. If you master the skill of speed reading at the same time, you will be more efficient in drawing high-quality mind maps. In addition, the mind map notes are just invented for memory and innovation. Thus good notes should create good memory effects. If you also master the memory skills, your mind map will become a more helpful and valuable mnemonic.

To further prove the complementarity, sometimes it is necessary to memorize a large amount of book content in the application process of memory skills. If supplemented by mind mapping and speed reading skills, the memory process will be more efficient and more contents will be memorized.

The completion of the three disciplines will help you fully understand, apply and promote your mental literacy.



Tony Buzan Licensed Instructor (TBLI ) certificates will be given a unique ID number, signed by Tony Buzan and Raymond Keene, co-founders of Tony Buzan International Ltd (TBIL), and will be endorsed during the license term as the certified TBLI on Tony Buzan’s Chinese or English official website.

During the valid license term, the TBLI is authorized to deliver Tony Buzan Certified Practitioner courses and issue the Practitioner certificates under the brand of Tony Buzan provided by Tony Buzan International Ltd. to qualified applicants so as to prove that they have been professionally trained and have good abilities in application.

Graduation photo of practitioner applied course

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